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Avon Walk Update – 04/27/08

I’m hoping to get another finish line photo from the Avon Foundation shortly. They had a photographer taking pictures there, and he took one of Brenda and me. The photos are supposed to be up on the Houston Walk site soon. When they are, I’ll post a link here. In the meantime, you can read details about the grant recipients in this newspaper article.

On another note, The Upper Room Devotional Magazine is publishing one of my devotionals in the July-August issue. I’ve had several devotionals published online and one in a print newsletter, but this is the first one for which I’ve been paid. I received a nice letter with the check that says my devotional will be read or heard by more than 2 million people around the world, including a French radio broadcast of it in Africa. Glory be to God!

Have a blessed and Christ-centered week!

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We Made It!!

Thank you all for your prayers and contributions! Brenda and I completed 13.1 miles on Saturday and 13.1 miles on Sunday in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We raised more than $1.9 million! More than $1.2 million has already been awarded to five Houston area organizations: MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Rose, Asian American Health Coalition, The Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, and the Baylor College of Medicine. The remaining funds will be awarded across the country during the year.

I will post more photos and info later, but for now, here are the finish line photos.

Star and Brenda at Day 1 finish line
Star and Brenda at Day 1 finish line

Brenda and Star at end of Day 1
Brenda and Star at end of Day 1

Star and Brenda at Day 2 finish line
Star and Brenda at Day 2 finish line

Have a blessed and Christ-centered week! May God bless you all.

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Avon Walk Cheering Stations in Houston

If you plan to be in Houston on April 12 or 13, come on out and cheer on the walkers. Opening Ceremonies will be at 6:30 a.m. at Eleanor Tinsley Park, 500 Allen Parkway. We’ll leave there about 7:00.

Several Cheering Stations have been established along the route for family and friends to cheer on the walkers. If you drop by, please be courteous and leave the Cheering Station as clean as you found it and obey all traffic rules so that we’ll be invited back next year.

Here are the locations of the Cheering Stations.

Saturday, April 12

McDonald’s (back of parking lot) (Mile 2.2)
2017 Main Street
Peak viewing times: 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Notes: Cheering station is located in the back of the parking lot near the intersection of Fannin Street and Gray Street. Park in McDonald’s parking lot.

CVS (Mile 2.8)
1000 Elgin Street
Peak viewing times: 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Notes: Cheering station is located along Fannin Street. Park in CVS parking lot.

Walgreen’s (Mile 11.1)
5280 Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet Street intersection
Peak viewing times: 10:30 am – 2:00 pm
Notes: Cheering station is located in on corner of Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet St. and along Buffalo Speedway in front of the Walgreen’s parking lot. Park near the Channel 13 building.

Sunday, April 13

Tip Top Cleaners (Mile 2.2)
1531 W. 18th Street
Peak viewing times: 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Notes: Cheering station is located in the grassy area behind Tip Top Cleaners along Ella Blvd before overpass. Park in Tip Top Cleaners parking lot.

White Oak Bayou Trails (Mile 2.75)
Empty building on corner of W T.C. Jester Blvd & W 19th Street
Peak viewing times: 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Notes: Building is former Rite-Aid – Cheering station located behind the building along White Oak Bayou Trails. Park in the Rite-Aid parking lot.

El Tiempo Cantina (Mile 5.1)
5602 Washington Ave.
Peak viewing times: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Notes: Cheering station is located in the parking lot to the left of the restaurant, near the corner of Washington Avenue and Malone Street. Park in the El Tiempo Cantina parking lot.

Memorial Park (Mile 5.6)
Arnot St. and Haskell St. intersection
Peak viewing times: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Notes: Cheering station is located on the corner of Arnot St. and Haskell St. Street parking is available.

Buffalo Bayou (Mile 13.0)
Eleanor Tinsley Parking Lot
500 Allen Parkway – near Sabine Street
Peak viewing times: 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Notes: Cheering station is located in Eleanor Tinsley Park designated parking lot. Limited street parking is available along Sabine Street – from Sabine, walk west on Allen Parkway to the Eleanor Tinsley Parking Lot.

The Closing Ceremony is scheduled for 3:00 pm at Eleanor Tinsley Park.

Please continue to keep Brenda, me, and all the walkers in your prayers. Have a blessed and Christ-centered week!

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Avon Walk Update – 03/24/08

I am very happy to report that I had a very successful 20-mile weekend. I completed 10.25 miles both days, and I’m not sore! These were the longest training walks on my schedule, so it’s all downhill until Walk Weekend.

Have a blessed week! I certainly will!

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Avon Walk Update – 3/22/08

I think it is quite fitting that the most important weekend of the 23 leading up to Walk Weekend should be this weekend, during which we commemorate two of the most significant events for Christians–the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I completed today’s walk about an hour ago. 10.25 miles is a long way on foot! I made it, but the last mile and a half were a little difficult. My feet and my hips were both telling me they’d had enough. However, since I was walking outside and had to walk home, I didn’t have any option other than finishing! That was intentional. 🙂 The real test will be whether I can do it again tomorrow, for this is my “20-mile weekend”. I am looking forward to the next two and a half weeks. They will be so easy compared to this weekend. No day is scheduled for more than 5 miles, and most are 3 or 4. Then, finally, Walk Weekend will be here. I am looking forward to the Walk, but, even more, I am looking forward to being done!

Thank you for keeping Brenda and me in your prayers. Please continue to pray for our health and safety, and for that of all the walkers.

May the grace and peace of God be with you all. Amen.

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Update 03/10/08

Training Week #19

Week 19 is over and I am glad. I’ve had to adjust my training schedule due to my recent traveling. The Mars Hill Conference in Boerne on Friday night and Saturday was excellent. Greg Koukl is an excellent speaker. If you get a chance to hear him, I strongly recommend you do so. I’m now considering joining the Alaska cruise Greg’s organization, Stand to Reason, is hosting in August. The timing isn’t great, since my mission trip to Honduras is in July, but I should be able to get the time off, anyway. The real issue, of course, will be the expense. I hadn’t planned for a cruise. I do have time to figure everything out.

I am taking today and tomorrow as vacation days. My plan was to clean house in the mornings and write in the afternoons. That’s not working so well, since my back is hurting. I don’t know why. I was walking to the checkout stand at Target yesterday when I realized my back hurt. I did a couple of standing back extension exercises right there, but they didn’t help. I walked after I got home and didn’t have any problem with that. I did cut my pace to make sure I wasn’t jarring my back. I soaked in the tub with Epsom salts before I went to bed. This morning, my back is no better. I can walk OK, but certain movements definitely hurt. Tying shoes is difficult! I have good back exercises and an excellent stretching routine. Those should take care of the problem, but it may take longer than I’m willing to wait, which means I may go see a chiropractor. I haven’t been to one in several years, but I will consider it if my back isn’t better by Wednesday. I will continue walking as long as it doesn’t bother my back.

We’re down to the final stretch. Five weeks ’til Walk day! Brenda’s knee is better, but not at 100%. Please pray that we both recover quickly and completely. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Remember, Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!!

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Avon Walk Update – 02/24/08

Training Week #17

Walk Day is approaching quickly. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get all the miles in. It’s a matter of priorities, and I have decided I need to change mine. Please pray that I will do God’s will. Please also pray that Brenda’s knee heals quickly and completely. Her doctor thinks she may have dislocated her kneecap and it went back in on its own.

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Avon Walk Update – 01/28/08

Training Week #13

11 weeks to go! It certainly is nice when the number of weeks to go is less than the number completed! It was definitely more difficult to continue walking this weekend. More than once, I felt like saying, “I’m done for today.” Of course, if I can’t keep going for 6 miles, I can’t really expect to make it through 13.1, twice. So, I made it. Using my DVD player makes a big difference. Yesterday, I watched and listened to Joni Erickson Tada and John Piper at the 2005 Suffering and the Sovereignty of God conference. That series certainly has some good group discussion points. Today, I listened to a session from a wrting workshop on writing for magazines and then watched the first part of Max McLean’s dramatic recitation of the Gospel of Mark. I’ll see a little more of that tomorrow and then finish it on Tuesday. He does an excellent job.

Starting this week, my Thursday walks move up to 4 miles instead of 3. Next weekend, I’ll be walking 7 miles on both Saturday and Sunday. I have a luncheon next Saturday, so walking 7 miles after that is probably a good thing. 🙂

Have a blessed week, and remember that Jesus paid the complete price at Calvary for your sins. There is nothing left for you to do, except follow him.

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Avon Walk Update – 1/21/08

Training Week #10

One nice thing about having a day is that I have a chance to catch up on a few things–like posting a training update. As the chart indicates, I had a little bit of a foot problem the week before last, but it seems to be fine now. I was able to complete all of my walks this past week without any problem. I have completed 12 weeks of training and have 12 more to go. The half-way point! I can’t exactly say it’s all downhill from here. It’s not, but I can see the daylight at the end of the tunnel (and, no, it’s not the headlight of a train). 🙂

Thank you all for your continuing prayers. Please continue to pray that Brenda and I remain healthy so we can complete the Walk.

Have a blessed week! Remember, Jesus doesn’t call us to follow any man, he calls us to follow him!

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Avon Walk Update – 1/7/08

Training Week #10

I’m not used to writing 2008 yet, but I’ll get used to it. Time is sure going by quickly!. Yesterday was the end of week 10 of my Avon Walk training program. Just 14 more weeks to go. Please keep praying that Brenda and I will remain healthy and be able to complete the walk.

Have a great week and remember to fix your eyes on Jesus!

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