Thoughts on Romans 11:28-32

01 Jan

vs28. Paul says the Jews are enemies of God for the sake of the Gentiles, in regards to the gospel. But, regarding election, the Jews are beloved–not for their own sake, but for the sake of their forefathers.

vs29. God’s gifts and His calling are irrevocable! They cannot be taken away!

vs30. The Romans (and all non-Jewish Christians) used to be disobedient to God. God gave them and us mercy because of Israel’s disobedience.

vs31. They have now been disobedient so that God can show them the same mercy He showed us.

vs32. God delivered us all (Jew and Gentile alike) into disobedience so that He can show His mercy to both Jew and Gentile.

God wants to have mercy on all of us (2 Peter 3:9). Unfortunately, there are many who will not turn from their sinful lives to the true and living God who loves them so much that He made His own Son to be a sin offering for them–for each of us–so that we could be reconciled to God.

Oh, what it must have been like for Adam and Eve to be able to walk and talk with God in the cool of the Garden of Eden! After they sinned, that relationship was broken. Only God could restore it, and He did so by sacrificing Jesus for each of us.

Now, as a Christian, I have the privilege of talking with God as His child. He is my Father! He sees me as holy and without fault of blame (Colossians 1:22) because Jesus paid the penalty in full for all of my sin!

I love my Father; therefore, I love His children and obey His commands. Oh, I don’t do that perfectly. Far from it. But, I can rest in the perfect peace that God provides, knowing that He, my Father, has already forgiven me because of the blood of Jesus.

Now, because I love my Father, I desire to point others to Jesus so that they can be reconciled to Him, also!

Heavenly Father, I do love You! Please help me always, by my actions and my words, to point others to your Son. I know that Jesus will not turn away anyone who comes to Him, so please help me to show others the way to Him. Amen.

The Lord is not slow concerning his promise, as some count slowness; but is patient with us, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. -2 Peter 3:9 (WEB)


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