February 2013 Update

21 Mar

I just realized I hadn’t posted the February update! I decided I’d better do that right away, since the March update will be quite lengthy.

Classroom TV

Classroom TV

We completed the second trimester of English classes on February 9. During the week-long break, the TV was mounted on the wall. This is the TV I’m using instead of a data projector. It works very well for PowerPoint slides and videos.

air conditioner

Air conditioner

We also got a small air conditioner installed. This was needed because the windows had previously been boarded up, eliminating the air flow in the classroom when the door is closed. It’s definitely quieter in the room now, but it will always be somewhat noisy because the kids do not have anywhere to play except outside my classroom.

For the first time in more than two years, I read one-and-a-half books in one week. Both were excellent. In Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism, Carl Medearis advocates telling people about Jesus rather than Christianity. He echoes many of my own thoughts and stimulates my thinking about future possibilities here. David Platt, in his new book, Follow Me, proposes that we set aside the rules and rituals of Christianity and just follow Jesus. This I eagerly do. I recently changed the description of my religion on Facebook from “Christian” to “trying to follow Jesus” to reflect my desire to just follow Jesus, but recognizing my attempt to do so will not be perfect. I haven’t finished Follow Me, but I plan to do so soon.

Also during the term break, I spent time preparing for the next trimester. I finally had books printed for the classes. They turned out fairly well, although there were some issues with the print shop. They are nice people, but their quality control needs improvement. The books aren’t cheap, so I’ll be looking for an alternative before July, when we will need more books.

In addition to getting the books printed, I prepared numerous PowerPoint slides to go with the lessons in the books. My goal is to prepare slides for all 80 lessons before I leave for the States in May.

We started the third trimester on February 18 (no, President’s Day is not a holiday here). I am teaching one morning and one noon class on Mondays and Thursdays, plus a morning and noon class on Saturdays. Between classes, My previous afternoon class of teens requested to come on Saturday mornings. We’ll see how that goes. I am continuing to work on the slides and handouts for the other lessons.

In other news…

On February 14, Missions.Me concluded seven days of prayer for Honduras with this request:

On this final day, agree with us in prayer that God would infect every heart of this beautiful nation with His healing, hope, peace and love. This is how we change a nation. #1nation1day

My English-speaking church, CCI Fellowship, began a 40-day prayer challenge on February 17. I have been regularly including 1 Nation 1 Day in my prayer time. It is my prayer that God will guide the organizers to everything His way and that He will draw hundreds of thousands of people to Jesus, enabling them to turn from sin to Jesus, to receive Him as their Lord and Savior and then to follow Him all the days of their lives. I’m not talking about raising a hand, walking an aisle, or praying a prayer. I’m talking about complete, total abandonment to Jesus, doing whatever He wants; whenever, however, and wherever He wants it done. This is what I call a God-sized prayer because it cannot happen without God’s Holy Spirit convicting the people of their sin and drawing them to Jesus, who will not turn them away. This is the only hope for Honduras, and the only hope for the world.

1 Nation 1 Day bracelet

1 Nation 1 Day bracelet

Moises and I met with Juan Francisco Guerrero, the national coordinator of 1 Nation 1 Day at the end of February. At the end of our discussion, I was still excited by the possibility of what God can do through this initiative on one day in this nation. I wait with eager anticipation for July 20! Sr. Guerrero gave me a 1 Nation 1 Day rubber bracelet to add to my “Go! Matt. 28:19” bracelet that I’ve now worn daily since September 2009.

February was a great month for personal reasons. On February 12, I received word that my friend Tom Smesrud in my hometown of Minot, North Dakota, is CANCER FREE. Tom and his wife, Julie, have been wonderful friends and supporters for many years, so it was with tears of great joy and relief that I read those words. God was faithful to Tom and Julie as He honored their faith in Him as their Provider, Sustainer, and Healer.

I now have wireless Internet service at home. The already installed router upstairs was relocated so that I could get a signal in my basement apartment. I know usually have 5 bars (the strongest signal).

I have been trying to spend some time on devotional writing, but there have been too many other distractions getting in the way. I did, however, write and post my prayer through Ephesians 2. You can read it at my Write the Vision website. I’m hoping to do a better a job protecting that writing time in future weeks.

As I mentioned last month, I will be in the U.S. from May 20 until June 24. I am really looking forward to this trip. I will be doing a presentation for a small group in Florida in June, and I anticipate doing one or two informal presentations in Texas. If you are in the San Antonio, Spring Branch, or Minot areas and want me to talk to your small group about my work or missionary life, please let me know.

I thank you all for your support–for emails, Facebook messages, financial contributions, and prayers. Thank you for continuing to hold the rope as you partner with me in this ministry. I hope to see many of you during my upcoming trip. May God bless you always!

Prayer requests:

1. That my students will see Jesus working through me.
2. For God’s continuing protection.
3. For God’s provision of additional financial supporters.

If you want some ideas for how to pray for missionaries throughout the month, check out How to Pray for Your Missionaries Daily Through the Month. You can get some other ideas in the Missionary Care section in the sidebar on this page.

With love from Honduras,


I am in need of additional monthly financial supporters. If you would like to partner with me financially, you can make a tax-deductible contribution through The Foundation at The Foundation will pass on 100% of your contributions to me. Please enter “Star Ferdinand” in the Comments box.

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