January 2013 Update

02 Feb

It’s the end of another month and time for a quick update…

English classes resumed Jan 3. Attendance was light the first week, but returned to normal the next week.

Although I am not completely satisfied with the packaged curriculum we purchased, it is definitely reducing my class preparation time. We are approaching the end of the second trimester. The students are hanging in and most are doing well. I correct their tests, but I don’t give grades. This is an ungraded course. However, three-fourths of the teens got at least 80 percent correct on the most recent evaluation. I’m quite happy with that.

The classroom remodeling that was to have been completed during the Christmas break was completed during the second week of classes instead, except for installation of a small air conditioner and another ceiling light. The air conditioner should be installed next month, before the summer heat arrives. The light is already installed and was a huge improvement.

As I was planning a course schedule for the next two school years, I said to myself, “That’s it. I can’t add any more classes the next year without another teacher.” That was Saturday night. After church on Sunday morning, a college student I had met the previous day told me that if I needed any help with the English program, he has lots of free time, likes working with kids, and would like to help. Wow! I’ve known all along that I would need help if we are going to be able to teach multiple levels every year, but I wasn’t really expecting any of those future helpers to just come up to me and volunteer. I hadn’t even prayed specifically about this yet. Thank you, God, for answering my unspoken prayer! He doesn’t have to be able to teach a class on his own in order to be useful, although I am hoping that he’ll be able and willing to do just that. If he’s willing, God can make him able!

I completed the move to my new apartment on January 2. It has been wonderful to be able to use a washing machine again. I hang my laundry on my patio and, if there is no rain, it can all be dry within 24 hours. Sometimes, the jeans and bath towels take a little bit longer.

I have decided not to get a couch for my living room area. Instead, I will get an inflatable chair, possibly with an inflatable ottoman. It will be much cheaper and will still allow me to sit in a comfortable chair to watch my DVDs. I cannot get a broadcast TV signal and I’m not paying for cable. I don’t watch enough TV to justify the expense. Moises said he would see if he could run a cable down to my place from upstairs. Until then, I’ll be watching my favorite Christian movies on DVD (and they are good).

I still don’t have wireless Internet in my apartment. I’m hoping that will resolved before my trimester break starts on February 10. Until that happens, I have access in my classroom.

My spring trip plans are now set. I’ll be in the U.S. from May 20 until June 24. My housing is arranged, rental cars are reserved, and plane tickets have been purchased. God willing, I’ll be in the USA in a few months! But first, I need to complete this school year and make some plans for the next year, which starts July 22.

Thank you all for your support–for emails, Facebook messages, financial contributions, and prayers. I covet your prayers always. Several of you have told me that you pray for me regularly, and I greatly appreciate that!  Thank you for continuing to hold the rope as you partner with me in this ministry. I hope to see many of you during my upcoming trip. May God bless you always!

Prayer requests:

1. That my students will see Jesus working through me.
2. For God’s continuing protection.
3. For God’s provision of additional financial supporters.

With love from Honduras,


If you would like to partner with me financially, you can make a tax-deductible contribution through The Foundation at The Foundation will pass on 100% of your contributions to me. Please enter “Star Ferdinand” in the Comments box.

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