Settling In – June 3, 2012

03 Jun

Today is Sunday. I worshiped with my brothers and sisters from Iglesia Misionera de Cristo this morning. It was so good to be back with my family here. The thing I have appreciated most throughout my travels over the past 32 years is the experience of being with family wherever I go. It doesn’t matter whether I speak their earthly language, because our hearts beat as one in Christ.

Of course, I know some Spanish now, but communicating is still difficult. This week I will be doing a lot of reviewing of the Spanish I learned in Costa Rica, so that I can recall the words more quickly. I intended to review more during my time in the U.S., but that didn’t happen very often. Consequently, my Spanish is very rusty.

In addition to working on my Spanish, I will also try to find an entertainment center, a bookcase, a coffee table, and a microwave stand with cupboards. The generic term  in Spanish is alcena, but the English definition doesn’t really describe what I’m referring to. So, here is a picture of the one I looked at today that I liked best. It is available at the Elektra store in my neighborhood. I don’t know if they deliver, but I’m hoping they will, since I live so close to the store.

Alcena I'm considering purchasing

Alcena I’m considering purchasing

Lower view of alcena I'm considering purchasing

Lower view of alcena I’m considering purchasing












My primary activity for the next several weeks, apart from working with the mission teams, will be preparing lessons for the beginning English classes I will start teaching in the fall. I hope to be ready to start the classes by the middle of August. I will also plan out the advanced course, followed by the intermediate level. The Bibles that will be used for some reading assignments and grammar examples are on the way here now. I’m hoping they will arrive in the next week or two.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your prayers. I need them.

Blessings to you all!


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