Two Months

02 Apr

It is hard to believe, but in 60 days I will have worked my last day in corporate America. Just over 7 days later, I will board a plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to begin the most challenging, difficult, exciting, and rewarding time of my life as a missionary in the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. I am very much looking forward to it. June 9th is the big day.

It’s already been two weeks since I returned from a week in North Dakota, visiting family and friends. Now, I’m busily sorting and packing. Throw it, sell it, give it. Those are the options for everything that’s not going with me. I see a Salvation Army truck in my near future!

One pretty cool thing happened yesterday. I stopped at Universal Toyota to get my power steering fluid topped off. As I was waiting for my service adviser, a lady started talking to me about my truck (1998 Toyota Tacoma pickup). Then, she asked if she could get a picture of me with my truck and showing the mileage. It turns out she works for Toyota. She said I have a great story and she wants to publish it. I don’t know if she’s thinking of their print materials or on their website. She couldn’t find anyone with a digital camera handy, and the one on my cell phone couldn’t get a real good shot of the odometer. So, I said I will use my digital camera at home to take a better picture. She told me want she wants and gave me her email address, so now I need to take the pictures. It’s a good thing my tripod is near the top of the one of the bags I packed this week. She wants a picture of me at the front of my truck, with the Toyota emblem showing. I will use the tripod for that.

I ended up getting my hair cut yesterday. This was long overdue, but I hadn’t planned to do it yesterday. The timing worked out perfectly. There was no one ahead of me, so I got in and out quickly. That also meant I could get the 2 photos I need for my visa taken at Walgreen’s on the way home. I don’t like the way they turned out, but they’re perfectly fine for the purpose. Now, I can go out and take my truck pictures and not have people say, “She needs a haircut!”

Tomorrow starts my last nine-and-a-half weeks in the U.S. That seems strange to say. It’ll be a very busy time, including trips to Birmingham; AL, Greenville, TX; and Petal, MS. Somehow, I have to get the house cleaned out in between the trips.

No more writing now for me. It’s time to do more packing!

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