Small World

25 Apr

Last Sunday morning, I attended a worship service at Fiesta Fellowship on the West side of San Antonio. I’ve been there several times during the past seven or eight months, but never stopped by the table to get a name tag. Last Sunday, I did. I don’t know why. When I told Maria my name, she said, “Do you have a website?” I said I did. She then asked if I had battled cancer. I said I had. She proceeded to tell me that she had been to my site (this site) and really liked it. Maria said that Liz, whom I met during my radiation therapy, told her about my site. I found out James is doing fine, which is an answer to my prayers for him!

Tonight, I met Nannette at a CVS store. I was wearing my Jeremiah 29:11 Team T-shirt from last year’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The complete verse is on the back of the shirt. Nannette told me she liked the verse. The cashier read the front of my shirt and asked what Jeremiah 29:11 is. I turned around so she could read it. She said she didn’t recognize that verse, which I told her is used by a lot of cancer patients. When I went outside, Nannette asked me about the significance of the verse, which is her favorite. I told her about the Walk. She said it’s the verse on her son’s tombstone. I gave her one of my Write the Vision contact cards. She looked at it and said, “I’m a writer, too!” She said she would keep me in her prayers and asked if I would pray for her, as well. Indeed, I’ve already started.

This afternoon, I started corresponding with Jean from Compassion Med. The mission teams she’s taken to Honduras the past few years have worked with Moises Chino in Tegucigalpa, the same minister we work with on our trips. I saw several people I know in the pictures Compassion Med posted on their site and Flickr.

We live in a big world, but God keeps putting people into our paths to make the world seem much smaller and to remind us that He’s still in control.

May we all recognize God’s hand in our lives and follow his directions.

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