Update – 12/10/08

10 Dec

I have officially joined the ranks of millions of people around the world who are being treated for thyroid disorders. Tomorrow morning, I will start taking a low dose of Armour Thyroid once a day. The ENT doctor I saw today is Keiko McManus. She was very nice and very thorough in her explanations.

She told me that combined with my family medical history, my lab reports do not cause her any concern. She said she would biopsy the little nodule if it were easy to get at. However, since it is not easy to get at (it’s under the clavicle), she recommends doing it when I have an ultrasound exam in six months, if the nodule isn’t gone by then. The ultrasound will let the doctor direct the needle into the nodule easily. It is possible that the hormone replacement will result in the nodule disappearing. She said that if the nodule is malignant, the prognosis will not be changed by waiting six months, and it is more important to get the replacement hormone started.

I will be seeing an endocrinologist as soon as I can get an appointment. She will monitor my hormone level and adjust the Armour Thyroid dosage accordingly.

I picked up my first month’s prescription this evening and will start taking the tablets tomorrow. In a month or so, I will have my hormone level tested, and find out if I need more or less medication. At this dosage, my cost is less than $10 a month, so that’s not too bad.

Thank you all for your prayers. May God’s will always be done in my life!

May His richest blessings be upon you all.


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