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10 Mar

Training Week #19

Week 19 is over and I am glad. I’ve had to adjust my training schedule due to my recent traveling. The Mars Hill Conference in Boerne on Friday night and Saturday was excellent. Greg Koukl is an excellent speaker. If you get a chance to hear him, I strongly recommend you do so. I’m now considering joining the Alaska cruise Greg’s organization, Stand to Reason, is hosting in August. The timing isn’t great, since my mission trip to Honduras is in July, but I should be able to get the time off, anyway. The real issue, of course, will be the expense. I hadn’t planned for a cruise. I do have time to figure everything out.

I am taking today and tomorrow as vacation days. My plan was to clean house in the mornings and write in the afternoons. That’s not working so well, since my back is hurting. I don’t know why. I was walking to the checkout stand at Target yesterday when I realized my back hurt. I did a couple of standing back extension exercises right there, but they didn’t help. I walked after I got home and didn’t have any problem with that. I did cut my pace to make sure I wasn’t jarring my back. I soaked in the tub with Epsom salts before I went to bed. This morning, my back is no better. I can walk OK, but certain movements definitely hurt. Tying shoes is difficult! I have good back exercises and an excellent stretching routine. Those should take care of the problem, but it may take longer than I’m willing to wait, which means I may go see a chiropractor. I haven’t been to one in several years, but I will consider it if my back isn’t better by Wednesday. I will continue walking as long as it doesn’t bother my back.

We’re down to the final stretch. Five weeks ’til Walk day! Brenda’s knee is better, but not at 100%. Please pray that we both recover quickly and completely. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Remember, Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!!

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