Update – 3/31/07

31 Mar

I just finished my walking, weight-training, and stretching workout. I can definitely tell that I need to somehow fit more stretching into the week. I have some hip and knee pain that I firmly believe is due to some tight muscles, but I am having a hard time getting some stretching done each day to loosen up those muscles and find out for sure if that’s all that’s wrong. But, this radiation business will soon be over and then I can do my stretching every day before heading for work. Right now, I really don’t have the desire to do much of anything when I get home from work, but I think I need to try to do the stretching then.

Well, enough of that. I walked Monday through Thursday and took yesterday off, knowing I would be walking and weight training today. I’ve lost 2.5 of those 10 pounds I told you I gained after my surgery. It would be nice to get the other 7.5 off by the end of April, although that’s a little bit faster pace than I prefer (1-1.5 pounds/week).

I have now completed 17 treatments and have 11 to go! Still only minor skin rednes and no serious fatigue.

Prayer requests:
1. My one all-consuming, over-riding prayer request always is that God’s will be done. He knows far better than any of us what needs to happen in each of our lives. So, for me, I want His will no matter what that entails.
2. Please continue to pray for James and Liz. James is still having significant pain and is not able to eat much.
3. My continuing requests:

  • That God’s sustaining grace will continue to be seen in me during this journey and beyond.
  • No greater fatigue or skin irritation than I have now.
  • A quick end to the occasional twinges of pain caused by nerve damage (usually ends weeks to months to years after treatment; sometimes never).
  • No other adverse side effects.

Thank you all for your prayers. Don’t just keep the faith–pass it on!

May God bless you always as you strive to do His will!

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