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10 Mar

Well, I just lost the text I spent the last few minutes writing. Sometimes, I hate the glide pad on this laptop. Of course, I know about it’s tendency to go to the next or previous page when I don’t want it to, but I didn’t avoid that by plugging in the mouse and using that. So, one can legitimately say I should have known better. I did. Is the mouse plugged in right now? No. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or so I’ve been told! I am typing this in Notepad and will paste it into my blog when I am finished. There are no “previous” or “next” pages for the glide pad to decide to switch to, so my text is safe. On with the update…

I completed the simulation and 3 treatments this week. Wednesday took a little longer because I had to see the nurse (Mary) and the techs had to make an adjustment, take x-rays, and then wait for Dr. Eyre to review the images online (thanks to modern technology) and give his approval. Thursday and Friday went quickly. The only delay was a few seconds to refresh some of the markings that don’t seem to want to stay on my skin. They tried the “old standby” ink yesterday, but one of the marks is already gone. This is why they did three tattoos before we started this. They’ll always have those as reference points, along with the measurements they did on Tuesday.

I have a tentative schedule worked out. I used to get up about 5:30 to exercise. Now, if I get up just 10 minutes earlier, I can walk on my treadmill and read my Bible for 30 minutes. Then, I’ll have 10-15 minutes to do some stretching (not the 40 minutes I need) before I eat breakfast, shower, and get dressed. If I am out the door no later than 6:45, I’ll get to the Lighthouse Cafe around 7:18-7:20. That gives me a full 30 minutes to work while I drink some peppermint hibiscus tea, and still have plenty of time to get to the treatment center, which is only about 3-4 minutes from the Lighthouse. This worked out well on Thursday and Friday. I can get a lot of work done in 30 minutes when I have no distractions. This should work out well, since both days I got to work right about 8:50 and had already made up the time I missed. This will mean I can take my regular lunch hour and still leave on time.

I was a little tired Thursday and Friday. Thursday night, I was in bed shortly after 8:30 and was asleep before 9:00. I slept until shortly after 5:00 and still felt a little tired through the morning. I’m going to just plan on going to bed at 8:30 every night so that I’ll have the opportunity to sleep 9 hours if that’s what my body needs during this time. Given that I usually get home between 6:00 and 6:15, that doesn’t leave time to do much in the evenings. I’ll focus on getting dinner, making my lunch for the next day, and getting my clothes ready. If that’s all I get done, so be it. This will be over soon! I had a massage today, so I expect to sleep well tonight (I didn’t last night).

I talked to Dr. Eyre briefly on Tuesday. I will be seeing him every Tuesday right after my treatment. I will be seeing Mary every week, also, so she can weigh me to make sure I’m not losing a lot of weight. I told her I will be trying to lose 1-2 pounds a week and she said that’s fine. She’ll be watching for large losses. By the way, she’s from Aberdeen, South Dakota! No, I’m not from South Dakota, but that’s close enough. It’s still “my neck of the woods.”

Back to Dr. Eyhre–he told me I will have 28 treatments and the 5-treatment targeted boost at the end is optional. It’s completely my decision. He said that because the cancer was so tiny, if anyone could forego the boost, I am probably one of those people. So, at 28 treatments, I’ll finish on April 13th.

Prayer requests:
1. Please continue to pray that God’s will is done in all things.
2. Please continue to pray for my medical team and add these folks to the list:
Mary, the nurse
The radiation therapists – Lucy, Christina, and Valeria
2. Please pray that God will make it clear to me whether I should have the boost treatments.

Thank you very much for your prayers, cards, and words of encouragement. I appreciate them very much. You are all very special to me. You are family, and God’s family is the best there is!! To Him be the glory forever and ever!

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