January 7, 2007

08 Jan

Sitting in my usual spot on the second pew from the front this morning, I recalled that moment seven years ago, on the first January after New Year’s Day, as I sat on the back pew and heard God speak to me about my apparent inability to do the daily Bible reading and exercise that I said I wanted to do and knew I needed to do. Today, I had to confess that I still have the problem. Some weeks I do better, sometimes even very well. But, sometimes I do very poorly. It seems as if the intensity of my commitment has significant peaks and valleys. I have recently decided, once again, that I must renew my resolve to read my Bible daily and exercise at least 5 days a week. Why do I find it so difficult to maintain my resolve and follow through on it? Perhaps it’s because I don’t spend enough time thinking about the benefits so that when it becomes physically difficult or the demands of life crowd important tasks off my schedule, I let those priorities go by the wayside.

I do so much better with my Bible reading than I do with the exercise, but there are still too many days when I skip my reading. It’s not the act of reading that’s important. It’s the time I spend with God as I’m doing the reading. The Bible is the primary means by which God speaks to me, and I want to hear Him.

O, Father, help me. I have proven over and over during the past seven years that I cannot consistently keep these commitments without Your help. So, help me, Father, to so manage the time you’ve given me, that I have the time available to exercise and to spend time reading and studying Your Word. Make me willing, Lord. Make me willing. Implant in my heart the desire to exercise and to know you better each day as You reveal Yourself to me through Your Son and Your Word. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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